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Know anyone that can repair a Xero XCR-1 freehub?

skinseyskinsey Posts: 105
edited May 2009 in Workshop
Title says it all really - I love the wheels, but have lost drive from the freehub. LBS reckons it's beyond their capabilities to sort, so either need to find someone I can send it to for repair, or source a new wheel (these are just over 3 years old). Any suggestions please?


  • Homer JHomer J Posts: 932
    Exact same thing happened to me, and they are still hanging up in shed! Best bet is to try this site:,com_virtuemart/Itemid,48/page,shop.browse/category_id,97/
    they are out of stock at the moment, might be worth sending them an email?
  • skinseyskinsey Posts: 105
    Thanks for the suggestion, will do.
  • Sailing7Sailing7 Posts: 38
    Xero free hubs can be taken apart easily with just a cone spanner and allen key. I had one out of the three pawls break on my set. Purchased the wheels from Don White at Velomax - he sent me new free hub which had new pawls in it. I don't actually have the wheels anymore as they're on my Alps special in France so I can't tell you exactly what the procedure was. Don was very helpful - he swapped the first free hub off as when I bought them they had the stepped Dura Ace splines.

    My bike now has Citec wheels with DT Swiss hubs - now there's a free hub! Dead easy to service.....
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