Every Trail for the iphone

CrazySmudgeCrazySmudge Posts: 137
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Afternoon peeps

Just seen the application trails for iphones which is linked to every trails and wanted to find out what you people thought of it?



  • truespintruespin Posts: 155
    I've heard that it is very good - I've not had a chance to try it out yet because I'm still on the original iPhone w/o GPS...

    It also sync up with Trail Runner (if you use a Mac)
  • Zeroman_IRZeroman_IR Posts: 290
    Have it myself and use it. Tried iTrail too but Trails is much better for what I want. Just give it about a minute to zero in on your location before you start tracking to avoid any big altitude jumps as it refines the accuracy. I don't use it with everytrail but I export the trails and email them to myself to open in Google Earth which works perfectly. Stores all the info you need to, and if you turn the iPhone on its' side it gives you a handy graph showing your altitude versus speed along the recorded route.
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