Which wheel set ?

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Bought a Principia frame and it`s now time to choose the wheels , ahhh !! What a choice there is out there , two weeks and I can`t make up my mind . Have narrowed it down to :-

Shimano Ultegra sl
Easton Tempest 11 (Good price)
Easton EA70
Easton EA90sl (Max spend)
Fulcrum R3
Pro Lite Bracciano sl

The reasons for these choices are the group set , Ultegra SL , contact points Easton , Fulcrum R3 because I have a set of Evo 5`s and R1`s and think the are the Dog`s B`s . The Pro-lites seem to get good reviews .

How will the Eastons stand up ? I`ve heard reports of broken spokes and hubs , I weigh in at 83Kg . The Pro-lites seem too light for the price . The New R3 2 Way Fit is out for 2010 is it worth waiting for? What do you all think ?



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    this thread is repeated virtually every week. Try a search - there is loads of advice/comments
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    +1. Hundreds of threads, almost as many as 'what bike for £1000?' They always include the obligatory Open Pro suggestion too.
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    I've created threads regarding tis and have ended up even more confused. I have now come to the conclusion that whels in similar price brackets, providing they are designed for the same use (ie light, strong, aero), will probably be pretty similar.
    I have decided to wait and try and scoop up a bargain.

    People here will, and can, only recommend wheels they've had exeperience with so just bight the bullet :)
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    Would agree , read most of what`s in these pages and all you find out is we all have brand loyalty.
    Found good prices on the older Easton wheels at Webster Cycles , www.mailordercycles.com , Tempest 11 , ea90slx and circuit , so that may make my mind up for me .

  • I recently bought a set of Xero Lites. Must say they can't be faulted. Hit a large pot hole last Sunday and ended up on the deck. Luckily I was ok. Checked the front wheel still true and they are light. Only cost £250. Would recommend these to anyone.
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    RS80's or Kysrium Elites - if money allows.
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    Hi ,
    Think I may have gone mad , taken a flakie , I ordered a pair of these . Thoughts on the best colour of rubber ?


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    Hi Vat59,

    Where'd you get them? Did you go for the white ones?
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    Hi Col,

    Not got them yet , not in the country , on there way though . Would have liked the more muted black and white but they will be a muted shade of WHITE . If you fancy a set www.rutlandcycle.com .