Best climbing near Poole


Anyone know a good decent length hill near Poole to do some evening training on?



  • Airwave
    Airwave Posts: 483
    With the long evenings this time of year there's plenty of time to go over to the Purbecks & do a few hills.Creech is pretty steep up to 20% in the middle it's about half a mile long,Whiteways which is the other side of Creech is much longer&more gradual more of a grind.Then there's Kingston which is a steady 16% for about half a mile.
    Most of the hills in Poole&Bournemouth are rather short blasts,so you end up doing the same hill a few times&it's not quiet the same effort in the end.
  • 1878
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    If you want something in town itself ... North Rd gives you 1km of steady climb free of lights and junctions - from the Civic Centre up to Ashley Rd by the Viewpoint end. Then back down and do it all over again. Obviously it's nowhere near as steep as you'd get on the Purbecks but a few reps of that makes for good training without having to ride 10 miles to get there.

    There's a longer drag up from the George Rbt via Constitution Hill but it's not as steep and there are too many junctions to interrupt the flow.

  • VerwoodAsh
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    Best off is to go North to Bulbarrow and then onto Shaftsbury.

    If you leave early enough you could even give Gold Hill a go, followed by Zig-Zag hill and then a great balst back to Poole.