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Chain slip

londonbairnlondonbairn Posts: 316
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Have a FCR 1 2009 I got a couple of months ago, done several hundred miles at least.

Sometimes when I am trundling along, the chain feels like it slips and then regains quickly. I keep the gear in the middle at the back and usually only shift on the front (i.e. I have my take off gear and high speed gear). This seems to have happened since day 1 of owning the bike and usually only happens if I push hard (e.g. gunning it off the lights)

Is my gearing style causing this, or does any of the derailers need tweaked do you think?



  • bomberesquebomberesque Posts: 1,701
    I'm going to take 3 guesses;

    1. Worn chain / sprocket. Unlikely if it's been doing it from new but could be if you've been riding in the same gear all the time (singlespeeds are popular, you know ;) )
    2. Maladjusted deurallier cable tension. Likely as the cables stretch when new.
    3. Stiff link in chain. Unlikely unless you've broken and rejoined the chain

    Most likely you just need to adjust the deurallier cable tension / indexing This isn't hard and there's loads of advice with pictures and that on the interwebs (shimano's site would be a good start) but esp with 10 speed it's quite sensitive so you want to get the position right.

    Alternatively (and recommended), take it back to the shop you bought it from for a "first service" (any decent bikeshop should include a free first service on a new bike they've sold after a couple of months riding in) and mention the issue, they will fix it up for you. They'll also tighten your spokes and all that good stuff while they're at it.
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  • londonbairnlondonbairn Posts: 316
    Thanks mate, does sound like the likely cause.

    I have a great couple near me (The Bike Whisperer) who are good with doing these things, going to drop my bike off tonight for them to have a look at it, seemed ok this morning as I gave the chain a more thorough clean last night.
  • downfaderdownfader Posts: 3,686
    Its called Ghost Shifting and its down to cable stretch. All cables do this to a degree within the first 4-6 months if ridden every day. The LBS will be able to sort this out.
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