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HELP!!! New hardtail for under £1000 VOTE!!!

BigdippaBigdippa Posts: 4
edited May 2009 in MTB buying advice
Hi, This is my first post and i would really appreciate your all help. I'm sure this has been done sooo many times before so i'll try something a little different.

I'm looking for a new bike and i've narrowed it down to 5, I really don't have a preference so i'm happy to let people who know more than me decide for me.

I will be mostly riding XC and some downhill riding but nothing to serious

Please NO other suggestions, i'm sure anyone has their favorite's but it is DEFINATLEY coming from one of these five.

I'll leave this open for two weeks from today and the one with the most vote's i WILL buy...simples

TREK 6700 DISC 2009 ( WHITE/RED ) £999.99 ... gn=froogle

SCOTT SCALE 50 2009 ( WHITE ) £999.99 ... gn=froogle


FELT Q920 2009 ( SEMI-BLACK ) £999.99 ... 1372&rs=gb

GT ZASKAR ELITE 2009 £999.99 ... gn=froogle

I'll count up all the votes ( unless someone knows how to change the post into one of those funky vote counter posts ) and then buy my bike based on the count

Thank-you very much to all who help me choose


  • balfa_manbalfa_man Posts: 9
    Trek 6700 hands down but they are sold out & you'll struggle to get one i should think.

    If you are thinking more £850.00 then look at the Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo. Equally good value & has had rave reviews. Again, virtually sold out though

  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    WHy not try them out, and see what you personally think? None of them are let down in any way, all have solid kit and dcent frames.
  • keirtristankeirtristan Posts: 296
    I personally would probably sway towards the Rockhopper but with a budget of upto £1k would be looking at the Pro not the Expert.
  • SpinningJennySpinningJenny Posts: 889
    ... and you can get the 08 version for less than you'd be paying for the 09 Expert... :D

    but yes, try out what you can, it is definitely a personal preference as to what fits/works for you.

    although not liking the Rockhopper :shock: how very dare you... :shock:

    Not at all biased!
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  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    Rockhopper! We have a lesser version and it's great.

    Not as great as my Stumpy though... :lol:
  • abs777abs777 Posts: 30
    ride a gt avalanche 08...........av bomb down most trail from wales to scotland plus i use it 4 commutin 2 work ......av had 2 upgrade a few part .....but bike stil feel awesome !!!!!! gt zasker top bike
    cube reaction k18
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The zaskar does have the best fork out of all of those choices. And IMHO, the better frame ;-)
  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    All nice bikes, but I wouldn't buy any of them just because the most people on the forum said "that one". Get out and try them,
  • dickyduluxdickydulux Posts: 111
    Having owned a scott scale 50, I liked everything about it apart from the forks. It was fast, light and reliable. Based on the specifications alone, I'd go for the Zaskar. :)
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  • blablablacksheepblablablacksheep Posts: 1,377
    id get rockhopper pro rather than expert the reba sl fork well worth the extra cost.
    London2Brighton Challange 100k!
  • RegalRegal Posts: 55
    meh..... no Cube to vote for... :)
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