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Haslemere Sportive Sunday 31st May


  • bigmatbigmat Posts: 5,111
    Me and The Stone will be doing the long one. Haven't really studied the course, hoping its a relatively quick one - would be nice to get round in under 7 hours. Also hoping there will be a few decent groups to ride with, last sportive I did was more or less a 116 mile time trial which isn't that much fun!
  • huwyhuwy Posts: 91
    Looks like a good course very simialr route to the southern sportive 4 and me riding aiming for about 6hrs 30 but as I feel at the mo just getting round is enough...
    I'm number 93 and will be a the 8:30 start
  • bigmatbigmat Posts: 5,111
    Where did you get the number? Haven't had any info on this since I signed up a few weeks ago...
  • phreakphreak Posts: 2,357
    Would like to do it but once again getting to the start from London by train in time for the final start time is impossible.
  • huwyhuwy Posts: 91
    I too had no info then a friend said he had found his number it is on the entry list on the link above look at the pdf file at the bottom of the page.
    the start is only about 2 mins from Haslemere station there is a train our of waterloo at 8:37 or there is a hotel in the high street
  • phreakphreak Posts: 2,357
    The train gets into Haslemere at 9:37am. I believe the final depart time is 9:00. I stand corrected. 10am is the final depart.
  • TheStoneTheStone Posts: 2,291
    Just me, or was that really, really tough today?

    On paper looked like a good ride, but nothing that should have destroyed me like it did. Maybe the heat?
  • I thought it was a great ride :) Loved the hills! And the weather was great.

    Given that it was 35 miles further than anything I've done before (we did the 100 mile one too) I was happy just to get round...
  • phreakphreak Posts: 2,357
    It was a nice ride. Ridden a few Sportives this year in the rain and snow so the sunshine was very welcome. The hills were pretty tough but it's all good fun isn't it :)
  • huwyhuwy Posts: 91
    Agreed was tough with the heat was really enjoying myslef until up and down goodwood twice at seventy miles ! struggled for the next 10 fortunately after a healthy dollop of cake and water had a good final 20 certainly tougher than I though it would be... :oops:
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