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Campy Chorus 11 Speed - Indexing problems

Andyb10Andyb10 Posts: 126
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I have had the compact version of this with a 12/27 cassetts for about 4 months now probably done about 750miles on it.

Have had persistent problems with indexing which seems to keep "going out". My LBS adjust it and then it is okay for a couple of rides before it starts to sound rattly again. Anyone got any ideas or have had similar problems.

I run a similar set up Ultegra on another bike haven't experienced any problems.

BTW I'm not at all technically minded so please can you keep any comments/recommendations simple!!



  • bicebice Posts: 772
    I use Centaur 10-speed levers and a mix of Xenon cassette, Chorus rear mech, Record cranks, Centaur front mech. I find I am having to trim a bit: on front mech, I will go up or down a click to avoid chain rub on the outer and inner cage.

    For the rear mech, if there is any rattle, I go up and down the gears a bit and the slight difference in where the cable is tensioned clears the fault.

    I do have a slight stick coming down from 3 to 4 gear, but everything else works OK, so I live with it.

    I find the Campagnolo stuff a bit more approximate that the Shimano 105 triple I have on another bike, but also simpler and stronger. So long as mech position and limit screws are fine - and they seem to have worked with you before - can only be a bit of cable tension. Check the usual sheldonbrown and parktool websites to learn to adjust.

    But I find you can often just trim issues out with Campagnolo. Maybe others have different views.
  • on-yer-bikeon-yer-bike Posts: 2,974
    I'm running 09 Centaur and having the same problem, its OK one day and out the next or it will start off OK and go bad during the ride. Its probably to do with cable tension so first check that the cable bolt on the rear mech is tight enough. I'm wondering if the new levers have a fault, not sure how Chorus differ from Centaur but they are probably roughly the same. The other thing it can be is the cable snagging on the down shift to smaller sprockets so check the router under the bottom bracket. Also check that the rear mech and hanger are bolted on the frame securely.
  • bicebice Posts: 772
    Another thought: if adjusters on the down tube are at max - ie out of the thread altogether and therefore loose - they might be inconsistent.
  • cq20cq20 Posts: 207
    I switched to the 09 Centaur Ultrashifts and initially had no problems until I moved the shifter on the handlebar just a smidge without freeing and retaping the outers to the bars. After that I noticed some hesitance in changing to smaller cogs in the mid-range of the cassette. I then very carefully set-up the outers (especially fitting them to the shifters) and retaped them properly to the bars and since then have had no more problems. It's important to use the new Campag outers (which are 4.1mm vs 4.0mm) with the new Ultrashift changers.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Check your cable runs aren't too tight
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Andyb10Andyb10 Posts: 126
    Thanks for the advice, the guy in my LBS said that the next thing to look at would be the cable runs so will start there now

  • italiaandyfitaliaandyf Posts: 120
    I run 09 Centaur and suffered this initially - apparently Campag put a lot of grease in the cable outers sheaths, and this can make shifting sluggish, especially on the shift to a smaller sprocket or chainring, but after few months it's starting to free up and run smoothly.
  • on-yer-bikeon-yer-bike Posts: 2,974
    I've found out the cause of the indexing going adrift half way into a ride with my 09 Centaur.
    The levers weren't tight enough. I realised the right had dropped about 5mm lower than the left. The bolt is a Torx star type and is very difficult place to get to. I tightened them up with a Torx screwdriver but clearly didn't get enough torque so I have now manged to get a socket in there attached to a torque wrench. Campag say 8 nm and I did them to 7 nm which I hope isn't too much on carbon bars. I now regret having carbon bars because the levers obviously need to be tight with the amount of force they have to take especially with a heavy rider.
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