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RPCC Ride - Sat 30th / Sun 31st



  • Rich-TiRich-Ti Posts: 1,831
    Good work Helen - putting the rest of us to shame by the sound of it!
    jrduquemin wrote:
    You missed a good ride today Rich, sorry you couldn't make it in the end. You thinking of getting a new bike now? ;-)
    I'm always thinking of getting a new bike... :roll: :oops: :lol:

    The R3 is taunting me - today I changed back the bits I'd fiddled with that made the bike feel so bad yesterday and the damn thing FLEW this evening! Unfortunately I'm still getting pains though... :evil:

    Time to chat to Barry again...
  • DomLuckDomLuck Posts: 9
    All intentions of a nice short ride seemed to go out the window - it felt like we did every hill in Surrey yesterday

    We missed a few in the west of Surrey but don't worry I climbed them all today in the Haslemere 100 miler! I am completely wiped out now after 6.5 hours riding in the blazing sun and trying to keep up with riders who are obviously faster than me. Good event though excellent route with quiet lanes and good signage and food.
  • Rich-TiRich-Ti Posts: 1,831
    DomLuck wrote:
    excellent route with quiet lanes and good signage and food.
    If you can remember them then you can show us someday :D
  • Rich-TiRich-Ti Posts: 1,831
    Sorry for the delay folks, new thread now live 8)
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