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before ride munch

andybagandybag Posts: 6
hi, just wondering if anyone could sugest a pre-ride munch to slowely release energy throught the ride. and ideas would help me loads, ta.
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  • XxxBFGxxXXxxBFGxxX Posts: 1,355
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Bananas you cant beat em they even come in bio-deradeable packaging
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  • crrazzzyycrrazzzyy Posts: 38
    My secret food before a ride is a bannana and a mullerrice it just works for me keeps me going ........... :lol:
  • andybagandybag Posts: 6
    sound. the next time i plan a ride i will try the banana route. many thanks for the tips what could keep me out that bit longer. tra for now :D
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  • thewaiterthewaiter Posts: 110
    ..... so not 5 slices of garlic bread and a carrot as i had last night..... :oops: geezzz felt awful halfway through the ride and kept burping garlic up ......... :(:lol:
  • hoponbabyhoponbaby Posts: 22
    a good mix of wholemeal pasta chicken and veg 2 hours before hand
    have a banana 30 mins before cycling however if the banana is slightly brown
    have it during or after..remember fuelling during exercise and post workout is equally important..
    2 hours before slow release wholegrain and high protein food
    30 mins before fast absorbing carbs

    personally i prefer a drink like gatorade before and have been havin high5 4:1 energy drink during..afterwards a bannana and sis recovery drink

    hope that helps
  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    i always go fastest with bananas, either before or during they always work for me. same as unsalted almonds and a handful of sultanas and dried apricots. and the odd corned beef sarny :P
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