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new member, new bike

andybagandybag Posts: 6
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hi. im a new member to this forum and in looking for some advice on my riding skills. it may be because in just adjusting to my new bike, a Carrera fury 08 ( my first bike over the £100 price mark ). i dont feel as confident or as fit as i was last year on my old bike. im wondering if the are any tips on how to aid myself mentally and physically before my riding sessions. like i said it may be because im still adjusting to a new bike and setup but any helpfull tips would be grand.
im from stoke on trent and was wondering aswell if anyone has any riding routes i could try. i ride around the Parkhall nature park mostly and i ride around the lanes in Caverswall, Dihorne and tend to ride to Stone along the canel.
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  • appyappy Posts: 408
    just get the miles on it and you'll soon feel happy on it fella

    i got a new trek 6300 from swinnertons on friday so i have new bike sore bum syndrome as i did a good few miles round delamere yesterday lol
  • FlenserFlenser Posts: 372
    appy wrote:
    just get the miles on it and you'll soon feel happy on it fella


    I've gone from doing 1 milea night to doing nearly 20 miles a night in a couple of months. Last bike I had before this was a Burner when I was 15!
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  • Ditch WitchDitch Witch Posts: 837
    In the beginning, there is no substitute for mileage. Just get out there and have fun :)
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  • ChrisMidsUKChrisMidsUK Posts: 76

    Was looking at local riding clubs the other day and found one in your area, perhaps join those guys for a few rides and get some face to face encouragement?
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  • montevideoguymontevideoguy Posts: 2,271
    I'm still super green but have to agree that every time I'm out on the bike I feel more and more comfortable and confident. next step for me is to go on one of those skills courses but waiting till I've done a bit more riding before taking that next step :wink:
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  • andybagandybag Posts: 6
    cheers for the replies. i will get in the swing of things again in time, slowely but surely. i will post a thread once im all good. tra for now :D
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