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Buying for the next step

GarzGarz Posts: 1,155
edited May 2009 in Road beginners
Hi people, I am asking for some advice on my next purchase as I bought an entry level bike about two years ago only costing just shy of £200. It has done its job now and very soon will start requiring major attention, however instead of buffing up this cheap machinery I feel a step up to the next level of equipment would be better.

I aim to spend between £500-700 on the next bike, and the chief choice in this bracket would be the boardman range from halfords. However when I asked about tweaking the wheels etc this was going to cost me more than the sale price so I decided to seek some opinions and also try a few local bike shops.

I mainly cycle for fun/fitness using a carrera hybrid, I dont intend to compete or race, just the weekend rides and occasional overnighter would be enough for me. If you can offer me any advice I would greatly appreciate!



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