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Places to ride around Nottingham - Sandiacre/Log Eaton area

keirtristankeirtristan Posts: 296
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Anyone know if there is anywhere near to Sandiacre/Long Eaton (J25 of the M1) that I can go riding for an hour or two.

Planning on getting myself up to Sherwood Pines but seems I have bought my bike when I am most busy doing other things.

Just want to eb able to get out and give my new Core 20 a good ride, took it up by some canal paths the other day but still want to give it a better hammering.


  • angrymeerkatangrymeerkat Posts: 134
    Nottingham's great as long as you like cycle paths, towpaths or roads. I've found I'm a bit stuck for mud and/or hills, and usually end up going north. Or doing monotonous laps of "The Big Track", just to get outside.

    It'd probably be quite a trek for very little reward going to the Elvaston Castle grounds in near Borrowash. Good for walking the dog, would think it'd be massively boring on an MTB. I don't know what's west of you (Stanton, Risley way) offroad, but there look to be plenty of fields when driving through it at least?

    ...well as an SP semi-regular I was planning on going to Cannock, for a change, tomorrow but I'm still getting used to the angles on the Merida... should probably stick to what I know at Sherwood. Praying for rain so the schoolchildren stay at home!!
  • Well there is the M1. that'd be a bit of a hammering.... Not familiar with that area so much although I did see that you can get into derby on the national cycle network. Then maybe head towards markeaton park and slalom through the doggers?
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  • keirtristankeirtristan Posts: 296
    Cheers guys, guess I'll just explore the local canal paths and bridal ways until I get chance to get myself up to SP.
  • abducteeabductee Posts: 189
    This route links the bridle paths and tow-paths from Bramcote park up to junction 27 of the M1 Don't be put off by the name you don't actually ride on the motorway just cross it on bridges a few times. I think it's the nearest to off road riding you will find without a car drive.

    If you go to Sawley marina and cross the river there is a good network of bridle paths around East Leake and Gotham

    National Cycle network via Elvaston castle to Derby is dull but there is a BMX park at Alvaston if that's your thing.

    Another option is to go up the Nutbrook trail to Shipley park then to Smalley and Morely and back along the Midshires way to Stanley then Dale.
    There is some downhill just off this route if that's what you are into.
  • AndrewSkAndrewSk Posts: 1
    I live in Long Eaton and most weekends (early) ride the locality.
    Would be happy to show you some of the routes, between 12-20 miles,
    as technical as you want ?

    If interested let me know
  • macsmacs Posts: 209
    I like that 'Motorway' route. I have been out to Strelley and Cossall via Balloon Woods a few times but not had time to venture much further but will have to give that one a go some time.

    One thing I find with the geology of Nottingham is that it holds on to moisture for a long time. The result is, even in summer, you get damp areas just because they havent been exposed to the sun and so havent dried out fully. Not really a problem, just something you need to bare in mind before planning a long route when the weather has been iffy - like it has been recently.
  • abducteeabductee Posts: 189
    The motorway route does seem to stay fairly firm. There's a bit at the back of the Maggot Farm that can get soft but it's one of the better routes when things are moist. It's a while since I've done it though.
  • macsmacs Posts: 209
    went and did 'abductee's motorway ride at the weekend and there is a bit up by the old brickyard that has been closed off with whacking great mounds of earth and the detour is possible but they have also blocked up the entrance to the bridge to stop people entering from the other end.

    So in order to avoid having to climb over 10foot high piles of earth and rubble i recommend continuing on narrow lane out of Watnall instead of turning right again onto long lane. this means you pick up the route further up where it comes back over the motorway and hits Narrow Lane anyway. You don't miss much anyway by doing that.

    Reckon i'll be doing that route a fair amount when i have 2 and half hours to spare and want to ride from my front door.
  • Looks like a complaint to the council for blocking a bridleway is in order
  • macsmacs Posts: 209
    I did find something on the Notts County Council website showing where the blockages would be and how to get around it (which is basically what i've said above) but i didn't think anyone was allowed to block a Public Right of Way regardless of the reason (safety or otherwise). I can understand restricting access during the demolition of the chimneys but now that the chimneys are gone, surely the bridleway should be opened again.
  • abducteeabductee Posts: 189
    Here's the reply from the council

    As you will probably be aware, the four chimneys on the brickworks site were in a poor state of repair and after seeking the opinion of a structural engineer, Nottinghamshire County Council had to place a temporary closure on the bridleway to ensure the safety of the public. To enforce the temporary closure the two soil mounds constructed at both entrances to the brickworks were authorised.

    The owner of the brickworks was required by Building Control at Broxtowe Borough Council to make the chimneys safe and the deadline was the end of the temporary closure of the bridleway (January 2010). It was then heard that the chimneys had been demolished and as this now meant that the chimneys no longer posed a threat to bridleway users, the owner was contacted and asked to remove the obstructions and reopen the bridleway. The owner was no longer willing to cooperate at this point and wanted the bridleway to remain closed to prevent trespassers accessing the land adjacent to the bridleway. Unfortunately it therefore became necessary to involve legal advisors to explore the legal options available to reopen the bridleway.

    The situation at the present time is that the legal advisor has made contact with the owner which is the first step to reopening the bridleway.

    I apologise for the length of time this appears to be taking but unfortunately it is necessary to follow the proper legal procedures to settle the dispute.
    I have changed the route to go along the road and here's the link to the diversion poster
  • macsmacs Posts: 209
    that's the page i was able to find the other day but couldn't when i really needed it.

    Looks like the land owner is being a bit of an idiot for cooperating but then now not cooperating! will be interesting to know what the result of the legal action is. Make sure you keep us posted abductee.

    As for that route, i'm sure to be doing it again so will keep an eye out too for any removed mounds of earth.

    will have to try out some of your other routes too.
  • macsmacs Posts: 209
    abductee, i looked at your 'motorway' route again today and it looks like you have added a bit by Watnall that goes through the old chimney yard again, has that been reopened then? Has the land owner removed the piles of earth?
  • abducteeabductee Posts: 189
    Yes it's all open again. It looks like someone (probably from the council) drove a tractor through and flattened the obstructions
  • Mr WuMr Wu Posts: 1,238
    Why dont you get yourself on a train to Cromford (possibly have to change at Derby) and ride the high peak trail.

    Youll start on the "incline" its awesome.then its about a 38/40 mile round trip end to end.
  • Or consider a short drive to Ticknall or Whitwick, there's quite a few reasonable routes in the including some fun bits through Ticknall, Whitwick & Cademan woods.

    Edit ....err just realised how old this post is :oops:
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