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Stowmarket and District Cycling Club

fto-sifto-si Posts: 402
Any members of the S.D.C.C use this forum?
Considering joining it myself


  • Gav888Gav888 Posts: 946
    Cycling never gets any easier, you just go faster - Greg LeMond
  • fto-sifto-si Posts: 402
    Gav888 wrote:

    Hi Gav

    I have looked at their websites, Stowmarket Cycle Club where more welcoming in their response to my initial email.

    Do you belong to any of the clubs you mentioned?
  • Gav888Gav888 Posts: 946
    No, but ive been toying with the idea although I dont think im quite fast enough yet, maybe the beginners groups if they have one.

    Ipswich BC and SDCC look quite big for the area whereas Plomesgate looks small, and the kit isnt too nice either.....

    I think the meeting point for SDCC is Clayden every Sunday morning, maybe pop along one morning and have a chat with a few members.

    No idea about Ipswich BC and what club runs they do as there website doesnt give that information, but they are based out of Elmy Cycles so I need to pop back there soon so I will ask about the club.
    Cycling never gets any easier, you just go faster - Greg LeMond
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