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First ride out on new bike after about 9 months

dynamis_dkdynamis_dk Posts: 428
Decided for my first ride i'd test out sports tracker and see how well it works. Am pretty impressed with it all in all. Had bluetooth GPS in my saddle bag and phone in pocket - worked a treat. Links in my sig if anyone fancies taking a look.

Ride went ok, didn't venture out too far as i was party testing my new bike too. Bike works very well - my first XC full bouncer and it tracks to the floor like crazy. Rooty downhills are so much faster and uphill are like you're using studded tyres!! All in all very impressed!!

Bad news my fitness is shocking!! lungs and legs nearing death so i've much work to do!! 105kg and 6 foot so looking to be down at least 90-95 kind of area! Looking forward to a few weeks time when i'm a little more into it again so i can push a little harder.

tbc... hehe
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