Wing handlebars. Gimmick?

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I am about to buy some new handlebars for a self build.

I was looking at the Easton EA70 wing bar. Theory being that the wing shape is more comfortable on your hands for long rides.

Does anyone own a wing bar and can comment on if it makes a difference or is it marketing hype?



  • Anonymous
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    I have an FSA K force carbon compact, it's very comfortable indeed.

    As is my normal bar...
  • Slow Downcp
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    I used to have wing bars - didn't find them very comfortable, so probably down to rider preference. Biggest problem is fitting computers etc as some do not have any round section at all. Having said that I fit my Polar to the stem.
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  • ride_whenever
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    i would never buy one, the uplift might cause a little extra speed on the flat but i'd be worried about cornering traction... :lol:

    It's a marketing gimmik, more room for logos.
  • GavH
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    I've got FSA Wing bars on my Bianchi. Very comfy although my only complaint would be that they 'taper off' into a normal round section a bit too soon before the centre section.
  • a_n_t
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    love mine, much more comfy than the usual round. Plus the bit on mine where it flattens out just before the drops is soooooooo perfect for my hands.

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  • crankycrank
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    I bought some FSA alu wing bars to reduce pain to the palms of my hands and they are much more comfortable for me. It's all personal preference in the end though. Any aero advantage would seem to be only useful to Alberto Contador.
  • jon208
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    FSA alloy wings on my Bianchi too. Find the increased flat area on the top very comfortable, would definatley go for wing bars again but probably somthing with a little less reach than the ones I currently have.
  • careful
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    Ive got EA70 wing bars on my Van Nicholas. I find the bars comfy because the shape of the curves suits me. The flat part of the wing never seems to be at the right angle though. TBH the EA70 round section bars on my Kiron are just as good.
  • lochindaal
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    Thanks for the replies, think I'll give it a go.

    Noticed that a_n_t hasn't taped the flat section. Is that the way to do it or a personal choice. I was thinking of a gel tape rather than for looks
  • jon208
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    Mine are taped over. Find it them very comfortable but haven't tried them without tape.
  • cougie
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    How are they for slippiness ?

    I'm a bit old school though and probably wouldnt pay that amount for something I'd probably not notice anyway. Most of my riding is on the hoods anyway I reckon.
  • Gary D
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    I have some FSA K-Wing carbon bars on my Bianchi and they are really comfy - for my hands anyway.

    I rarely use the flat section in the middle, but the the part around the 90 degree bend fits my hands perfectly :D

    They are also rather bling as well :oops: :oops:

    Oh and I feel like I've been raped by an Orangutan :shock: And I've got legs like Girders :lol:
  • mattsy666
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    i was thinking about this today when on my cycleops spin bike ... grinding away in the saddle i felt that something more substantial to grip on when on the 'tops' of the bars would be more comfy on my wrists ... but then on my actual bike i have fizik gel and speccy fat wrap as i have arthritis and so a wider, more substantial grip is easier for me, even with my tiny hands (i'm only little) ... i did find it confier on the spin biek when i used my palm on the rear of the bars and pretened there was a wingshape to grip onto ... i'm guessing thsi is how they actually work ... as it stops any strain on your wrists ... it's actually the tape/no tape issue that puts me off getting them for my bike ...