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I have an annoying click when I pedal any higher than the 5th cog on the larger chainwheel. I have tried lubeing the chain etc, tightening the botton bracket nut and checking the chainwheel nuts. Back wheel and hub is fine, bike < 4months old. Any one got any bright ideas, as I said it isonly when I pedal in the higher gears. I am careful not to "cross gear" and I have removed and re-tightened the pedals. It is random, no obvious pattern and it is driving me crazy!!

Shimano 105 groupset - silent as alamb in the lower gears - am baffled!!



  • Yorkiand
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    I have exactly the same problem with my 105 groupset which is also about 4 months old.

    Hopefully someone has the answer???
  • dbb
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    if it is only happening in the higher gears on the big ring, then could it be the chain rubbing on the outside plate of the FD?

    does it only happen under power? the will be a bit of flex in the chainset/chainring

    or is it a clicking sound from the RD of not being quite in gear?
  • Or are the gear cable ends touching something?
  • Yorkiand
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    dbb wrote:

    or is it a clicking sound from the RD of not being quite in gear?

    That's what it is on mine.