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I'm going to get a fixed/single speed through my work's Ride2Work scheme - which is through Evans.

I'm looking for a road-style frame with drop handle bars and probably a flip/flop hub (i've never riden a fixed before!). I commute everyday (only 15 miles round trip) and i'd like something that i could use on the odd winter club run too.
Looking at Evans's list i've narrowed it down to

Langster 2008 at £350 - if they have it in stock
Langster 2009 at £439
Charge Plug Racer £537
Felt Dispatch £574
Genesis Flyer 2009 £586

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • edhornby
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    the charge have heavy single gauge tubes in the frames, so I wouldn't recommend them. langsters are very popular, if you can get one for 350 that'd be a good bike

    otherwise the felt and genesis are both good bikes - i'd say the genesis has slightly better spec, give them a run out on freewheel and see which you like
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    oh yeah - lgfss has a complete list of bikes and the rrp's which is mega useful, so evans may be able to order stuff in for you if you saw something on that list which isn't standard stock...

    if you are planning on using a singlespeed for winter club runs then something more audaxy like an OnOne pompino or a specialzed tricross may suit as you can get mudguards on them (unlike the genesis or felt which would need raceblades or sprayguards)

    mind you, the genesis is cooler 8)
    "I get paid to make other people suffer on my wheel, how good is that"
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    If want to use in all weathers then I suggest a second hand Tricross! Langsters are fine but not for 'grds.
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    If I may... allow me to throw another into the mix...
    The Boardman Fixed

    I have no idea how they ride but spotted it the other day.