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Any advice much appreciated

Mark\' 62Mark\' 62 Posts: 40
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Hi all, just after a bit of advice.... been back on my bike for about 6 weeks trying to get fitter, and not doing to bad for a 46 year old, lol, done 32 miles the other day in the wind and rain (not off road, ha ) and can definately notice the difference in my fitness, anyway the advice i want is about trail centers now that im getting fitter i want to try these out, is there any tips on what i should or should'nt do (except have fun, ha) when i'm there.

ive got a gt aggressor xc2 at the minute but now i have the bug an upgrade might be on the cards :wink:
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  • k2riderk2rider Posts: 575
    dont...........fall off
    who cares?
  • dickyduluxdickydulux Posts: 111
    Where abouts are you?
    What trail centre you thinking of?
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  • nonnac85nonnac85 Posts: 1,608
    If its one way then go that way - I was going up a hill at one trail centre which was one way and some numpty came speeding down the wrong way nearly taking me out!
    If you want to repeat sections then find the push-up path because if you want to repeat it then others probably have too and there will be what looks like a footpath going back up the trail somewhere near by.
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  • llamafarmerllamafarmer Posts: 1,893
    Yeah it really depends where you are. I go to Afan quite a bit and love it over there. Penhydd is a good first trail, it's a red run, so it has some technical bits and needs a reasonable level of fitness, but it's very rideable for most people. There's a fairly long hack up the fireroad, but then you get lots of lovely singletrack winding back down the valley to the trail centre.
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