Fixed - New or 2nd Hand

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I'm thinking about getting a 'cheap' fixed/single speed 2nd bike for my London 14 mile round trip commute as think it may be fun, means i can leave it locked up outside pub/shops without being overly worried and i'm fed up of the damage the winter commute does to my racer.

My firm does one of the 'Ride 2 Work' schemes which means i could get a new one (has to be through Evans) for virtually half price - see ... road-bikes
I could go for one of their cheaper ones or buy 2nd hand. I'm a bit crap at bike mechanics so i'm erring to buying new but i could be persauded.
If new - the follow up question is which one of Evans' range? Ideally i want it for commuting and the odd winter club ride, flip fop hub as i'm new to all this and not great bike handler.
Thanks in advance.


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    To many people the fun of a SS/fixed is the historical bit ie using classy old Campag etc.
    Mechanics are easy.
    If you are going new, arrange Evan's list on price order, cheapest first, and then scroll to bottom of page. Dive in at your price limit and work up the page, skipping all Trek as their graphics are always gross. A SS should be classy, although I love the Langster Monaco. what ever go for silver bits, the whole bike looks so much lighter than with black bit eg wheels.
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    Thanks Mattsccm,

    I think i will go for a new rather than 2nd hand one so i've taken your advice - and will post a new topic for yet more help on which of the four on myshortlist i should go for.