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Hi all,

can anyone recommend a navigation solution that I can preprogram with waypoints and then it will show me which way to go ?

I've been looking at the garmin's and while they will obviously get you from a to b I want to get from a to b via x, y and z. I cannot see from the garmin blurb whether or not it will do this.

Thanks :)


  • DaSy
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    I have an Garmin Edge 705, and you can plot a route on either MapSource (Garmins own at cost mapping program) or something online and free like You choose your exact route and save to the deivce as a .gpx or .tcx file, you then get turn by turn notification to take you on your desired route.

    I use this function all the time, and it works very well.
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  • HarryX
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    Excellent, thanks for the info DaSy :)