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Tabata interval training

numptyfishnumptyfish Posts: 62
Any body tried it over several weeks / months?
Did you notice any marked improvements in fitness levels.
I have had a go for about a week or two now and its definately an intense 4 minutes.

here is a link for info ... &id=348486


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,465
    Tabatas are EVIL...

    I didn't really see a huge benefit though, but I'm speaking from a roadie perspective. My short sprints did definitely improve, which are a lot more useful for mountain biking than road, but I prefer my 5 minute intervals I think.
  • SpinningJennySpinningJenny Posts: 889
    Interval training of any sort is great for you (in my experience). My PT gets me to do it on the rower at the gym AFTER he's put me through a nice tought weigths type session - just to round things off nicely (according to him!).

    I enjoy it and believe that it has done me the world of good.
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