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I have been watching the pro cycling on eurosport since January and have been watching Team milram.As they ride focus bikes and i bought one last December i wanted to see how they perform.Anyway i have yet to see a cyclist from milram win a race or even a stage win in any thing i have witnessed.Are milram crap or is it the new bike, because milram seemed to be doing quite well in the past.I still really like my cayo but this would not seem to be a very good advertisment for focus bikes.Silence lotto also changed there bike sponsor and i believe have hardly won a race.Is this down to the new bikes both teams have. :?


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    GIANT are with Rabobank...shame there not with Columbia this season. Bought the TCR Advanced after Cavendish thrashed 45mph on the flat sprint on it...I cant manage that on a steep bank.... :?
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    It is entirely down to the bikes, if you notice, none of the pro teams are on Colnagos this year. This is because none of the teams wanted to use them as they are deficient in many areas.
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    As Lance once said " its all about the bike"
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    Wow thanks for the heads up.
    I'm gonna sell my Cayo and get me a CERA bike. They go well.
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    Make sure your supplier doesn't try to fob you off with an EPO, they are so last year.
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    really don't think the bikes make any difference at all at the highest level as they are all so good top of the range models not as if they are jumping from a Pinarello Prince on to a grifter is it lol.
    Milram are just not firing on all cylinders atm like in football you will always have the top teams doing consitantly well then the ones just below them a couple of which will spring a few surprises now and then and others just making up the numbers
    Silence Lotto just dont have the strength in depth of the top teams which is why Cadel will never win the TDF imo.
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    I have been watching the giro, again milram are not the strongest team the bike itself looks ok though.I am very happy with my bike just disappointed that i have not seen milram win a race.