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Don't know how old and if it's been posted before. I also don't agree with half of it but there you go!


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    Looked at the 'top 20' - that was enough - and most of them aren't even close. Probably written by some noob journalist who cycles the 8 miles into work every day and calls himself a cyclist. Tsk ...
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    Hmmmm, bit too much poncy Rapha gear for my liking
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    heh heh, I remember my mum 'saving' this for me, for when I was next visiting. It looks like a case of 'collect all the cycling related gear that various companies marketing depts have sent us to look at and cobble together an article to fill some pages' :lol:
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    What a load of arse.

    Where's EPO in that list?
  • Anonymous
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    Heh heh, oddly enough the 'poncy' Rapha gear is some of the stuff I agreed with...
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    So all of cycling has been lumped together. I like nothing better than taking my tarmac off road with a piss pot helmet and my DHB shorts and Sombrio Forensic gloves

    I may take the SKS raceblade mudguards and beat the journo who wrote this pap!!

    I really feel for my fellow cyclists who's loved ones read the independant, some of this pap is heading your way this Xmas :)
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    I,ve been riding 30 years and havent got any of those 50 items.Load of bollocks IMHO.
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    I've got a few - Respro hump hi-vis rucksack cover was a good buy.

    Also have a Road Morph, Cateye Strada and a pair of Fi.13s.
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    Blimey - I've got 6 or 7 of those there - but they all seem a bit random.

    No Oakleys, buffs, merino socks ? Stick on patches ?