Chainring allignment

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Is there any particular way the inner chainring on a double/compact should be placed? I had reason to take my chainrings off a couple of weeks ago and when it came to reattaching them the outer was easy, countersink and writing facing outwards with the stud aligned with crank arm.

The inner was the same but no stud to aid alignment. I have noticed that changing from the smaller up was not as quick as previous but today I noticed a small 'tit' on the small chainring webbing, should this 'tit' be aligned with the crank?


  • geoff_ss
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    What you describe as a 'tit' should be adjacent to the crank. It's there to stop an unshipped chain getting trapped between the crank and ring. The relative positions of both chain rings and cassette sprockets is quite important to make indexed gear changing work smoothly.

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    what rings?
    here is a shimano ring.

    by "tit" you mean this
    it should be aligned with the arm as well.
    On a tripple the small ring would also have one
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    Thanks for your reply Geoff_SS but I'm referring to the inner chainring not the outer.

    nicklouse, yes thats the 'tit' like protrusion I am referring to. On my chainring it is more pointed but yes thats it, ta for the confirmation.

    I have now repositioned my inner and it does shift quicker and smoother...