Anyone any experience of Vitus bikes...?

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I'm looking to get my first road bike as I've started doing triathlons....last year was my first one but the bike I used was an old borrowed bone shaker that weighed a ton! So I'm looking to upgrade to something more suitable. Doesn't have to be the bees knees and I can't afford anything that's crazy money, but obviously I'd like something that's going to perform pretty well and not fall apart too quickly.

I've been pointed in the direction of this bike: ... elID=38414

I'd never heard of Vitus bikes before, but after spending some time on Google, it seems they're a French manufacturer that was big in the 70's and 80's but doesn't seem to have done much since then. Has anyone had any experience of this their latest offering? Seems like a reasonably spec for a reasonable price - not the latest and greatest components I know, but for a beginner who's starting out, does it look like a decent buy?



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    OK, just realised there was already this thread on Vitus bikes!

    Still be interested to know if anyone has ridden one of these?
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    Never ridden one. A friend of mine has one(on a trainer) from the 70's. It was the old
    glued lug style. It's still with us and holding together. To be honest I didn't know they were still in the game.
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    Yeh, it seems like quite a lot of people remember them from years back, but don't have any experience of them more recently. Looks like they're making a bit of a come back, or at least trying to but whether they're any good or not....well, no-one seems to know!!

    I'll keep hunting for info....!
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    HI I have had a Vitus for the last 18 years, I built it for racing on but now it is my training bike and it's my son's racing bike The frame is in still in good condition and it has served it's purpose and still got plenty of life in it.
    would buy another one if needed to.
    Hope this helps. :roll: