Off to Coed Y Brennin...

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Can't wait, got a half day at work tomorrow then head off in the afternoon, hopefully get there early evening, pitch the tent, crack open some beers and fall asleep - then its time for some fun riding sat morning!

Ideally we will do a longer trail on Sat and Sun and a shorter trail on Monday morning then back to Cambridge monday evening in time to hear the Glastonbury lineup at 10.30pm!

Any ideas on which trails are the best there, which is the best short route to do on the monday morning?



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    hi, only been once to cyb but plan to get back soon to do what your doing. when i went i did the beast (iirc thats the longest trail of 38km) thoroughly enjoyed it and there was a cafe about half way round, which was nice! so i'd recommend this one for your first day, not done any of the others but im sure someone will be on soon that can sort you out.
    have a good one
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