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I have had a Toupé gel now for a year or so, assuming it was a pretty reasonable saddle. But I find that after 70km or so, my sit bones really start to hurt.

At the Etape Caledonia I met two guys who said they had similar problems and had ditched them.

Now, obviously, I realise that we are all made uniquely in the botty department, but I wonder if anyone else has found a particular problem with the Toupé gel and, if so, what they replaced it with?



  • greeny12
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    I've got a Toupe Gel and I must admit I'm casting around for something else, because it just doesn't seem to be comfortable over longer rides. I find I get a lot of chafing even though I'm using some pretty good Pearl Izumi shorts. I never got that on my old, cheapie saddle on my other bike.

    I'm tempted to give the Prologo Scratch a go - seems to get good reviews for long distance riding. Anybody got an opinion on that saddle??
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    I had a couple of Toupe Gels over on 2 different bikes a Argon Platinum and a Cervelo SL and never really had a problem until recently when all of a sudden I just found them really uncomfortable on my sit bones, no idea why.

    Anyway I have replaced them both now with Fizik Aliantes the Gamma on my Argon and the Carbon hull job on my Cervelo. Took a while to set up but absolute joy now.
  • Casbar
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    I have a Toupe Gel . Done many rides over 70km and once rode more than 8 hours on it. No problems so far...Could be a combination of saddle + padded shorts though...what ever it is its been working ok
  • brownbosh
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    Ride mine for 100's of miles every week and they no longer hurt. They were pretty brutal on longer rides to start with! The aliante is extremely comfy. Have one on my cyclocross bike.
  • akkers
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    Had the same issue with the Toupe Gel. Then changed to a Selle Italia Flite gel seat....much much better
  • on-yer-bike
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    Same saddle, same problem. The plastic bit on the front broke off and I put my slightly damaged non gel version on. I think it is more comfortable, either that or my sit bones are getting used to it. Because of the sit bone problem I tried most of the Fiziks, and ended up buying a Selle Italia Flite Gel Flow. Luckily after a month I could send it back as I think it may have caused internal bleeding after a 100 mile sportive. Nice saddle but not for me. The Toupe is the only saddle I've tried that doesn't cause numbness in the privates.
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    I changed to a toupe non-gel version which is a lot more comfortable (I have no idea why!)