Chris King vs Hope

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Sorry guys, another dilema involving my new audax bike

go for bling and get a Chris king or go for Hope, surely they are both very similar, bearings and aluminium right? if a cane creek s3 or similar will last a good long time i would also look at cheaper options but i'm assuming you pay for the bearings? Chris King has a good rep but some say they creak??

which one, bearing in mind the hopes are £30 less than a CK one
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  • mrushton
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    Both fine makers. I've got 5 Chris King h/sets and they don't creak. Read todays posting about C.King. Hope are supposedly v.good, but i have no knowledge of them. Also the Cane Creek 110 is a C.King rival
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    I've got Chris King and Hope and if money wasn't a factor I'd go for the Chris king every time. Its a lot more bling and its soooooo..... smooth. Not that the Hope is shabby in any way though - its just that I'm not keen that they seem to be using more rubber and less aluminium lately.

    You can get the Chris King aheadset from ebay for £88 including postage at the mo so why bother getting anything else?
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    CK from the States?


    I've used both and would fork out the extra for CK. Having said that, I've got a CC S8 on my mtb which has taken a whole lot of punishment and is still very smooth.
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    Yep. I got mine for £77 a few months ago but prices have risen lately.
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    Chris King is my favourite,never heard of them creaking??