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Them two screws by the front derailleur...

sarajoysarajoy Posts: 1,675
edited May 2009 in The workshop
...what do they do?

I can't find the specific front derailleur (Nexave) on the Shimano website, and don't really know what to search for...!

Basically I sometimes have trouble shifting up to the biggest ring on the front, and occasionally the cranks lock up when shifting back down to the middle one (3 to 2). So I figure these screws need adjusting, but I don't know which one, in which direction and by how much... :?


  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Limit Screws...........same on all mechs - get ye off to sheldon brown if not sure.

    Be careful...... shifting up - if you over do it - you'll shift straight off,
  • elliebellieb Posts: 436
    I take it you mean the derailleur limiting screws?
  • sarajoysarajoy Posts: 1,675
    Limit(ing) screws!

    Thank you :) Sometimes it's just knowing what the hell something is called in order to find help...
  • sarajoysarajoy Posts: 1,675
    Hrm, looking at the pages about it (cheers guys) it doesn't look like these screws are going to help my occasional lock-ups :(
  • jongingejonginge Posts: 5,945
    Could also be your cable tension needs a bit of adjustment. New gear/brake cables are known to stretch a bit (some come pre-stretched) with use. There'll be a barrel adjuster to tune the tension somewhere: possibly where the cable routes onto the frame down tube or on the shifter itself. Fettle away :)
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  • sarajoysarajoy Posts: 1,675
    Hrm, maybe. Been doing it on and off since day 1 though, and I mentioned it when I had the first service but was unable to tell them exactly when it happened, so I guess it passed unfixed.


    Oh well, one step at a time, have trimmed an inch off either end of my handlebars tonight so maybe this can be done another night....
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