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i'm thinking of buying a garmin 705 ? can this be used to navigate on walks?
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    Alternatively have a look at the Satmap. Uses OS maps, but has not got any of the training functions that the Garmin has. It's a GPS with better maps than the Garmin, so possibly better suited to walking.

    Obviously, you need to decide what you want out of your GPS. If it is for a bike-specific training aid where having a detailed map isn't important then the Garmin will probably suit better. If you want to see your position/speed on an actual OS map then you might prefer the Satmap.

    I chose the Satmap, but then I have a fascination with maps!
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    You can plot a walk on a 1:50k OS map or satellite mapping using BikeHike and then download the route file to your 705. It WILL NOT however show you the same level of topo detail, just the route track. If nothing else though it will serve as a useful confidence check mid-walk that you're on the right track.