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Cycle 2 work scheme - how long did it take?

stueyscottstueyscott Posts: 112
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Just a quicky - still waiting to order my bike under the cycle to work scheme with Halfords.

I'm curious as to how long it has taken others using other scheme and which shop did they go through to get theirs?

I signed up three weeks ago, our payroll dept sent the details off last week. Halfords say i'll recieve my letter of collection soon, but as i'm getting a bike that halfords don't stock they will have to order it, (which they can't do until I get my LOC) It could then take another 3 weeks to come!!!!!


How long did it take from choosing the amount you would spend to receiving the bike? 1 vote

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2 to 3 weeks
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3 to 4 weeks
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5 weeks +
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  • rwalworthrwalworth Posts: 176
    It actually depends on how busy they are at the halfords c2w department and unfortunately they willl be very busy at the moment as all the nhs staff are getting their vouchers cause its the start of the new financial year.

  • Si78Si78 Posts: 963
    Got the voucher and picked up the new bike from Halfords a week and a half after I posted off the application form.

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  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 3,976
    Halfords took under 2 weeks to get my bike. My company on the other hand was a little more pedestrian in getting the vouchers etc sorted.
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  • DrWormDrWorm Posts: 66
    Mine wasn't C2W but it was a similar scheme through my LBS & work.

    The whole thing was a mess. They didn't take enough details at the LBS and no one knew what to do. It was only the fact I chased it after two weeks that I found out they hadn't processed my order because of lack of details. They never tried to call me for some reason??

    Anyway... it took just over 5 weeks but I'm happy with my bike so none of it matters now.
  • projectsomeprojectsome Posts: 4,478
    It seemed like forever. I kept visiting the website and looking at the bike, imagining myself riding it. :oops: :)
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  • stueyscottstueyscott Posts: 112
    WooHoo - Letter of collection arrived today, will be ordering my new Genesis core 40 this afternoon - fingers crossed they'll have them in stock at the distribution place
  • stueyscottstueyscott Posts: 112
    Still waiting!!!

    Apparently the supplier is still waiting for the bike from Genesis - despite syaing it was in stock!
  • stueyscottstueyscott Posts: 112
    9 weeks - thats how long it took and didn't get the bike I wanted.

    I did how ever get a Boardman Pro FS which will do nicely. Local Halfords store helped me out big time in the end.
  • Banned!Banned! Posts: 34
    2 weeks.

    royal mail dont fakk about.
  • jono_1ukjono_1uk Posts: 20
    i am waiting to our details to be released about it from our company...
    anybody know how much you cand spend maximum or is it decided by individual company ?
  • cgarossicgarossi Posts: 729
    Its down to you. You will be sacrificing some of your salary to pay for it.

    I went for the maximum £1000 and picked up a Scott Scale 50 and extras. The whole process took about 2 weeks.
  • Banned!Banned! Posts: 34
    some companies have a limit, others dont.

    some stores will allow you to 'top up' the maximum,others dont as it causes problems if you leave the company and try to claim ownership of the bike.
  • ExeterSimonExeterSimon Posts: 830
    10 days from quote from LBS to thrashing the Whyte around Haldon.

    Employer and CycleScheme were very efficient.
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  • markpotts147markpotts147 Posts: 100
    2 weeks - no messin about

    I wacked an extra £100 on mine aswell
  • DancakeDancake Posts: 47
    My Company (UNILEVER UK) is not interested in the scheme. Bad show, I say. Any suggestions how to shame them into enrolling? Unilever is massive, after all. (and supposedly commited to investing in people, saving the planet etc)
  • Macster1Macster1 Posts: 122
    I'm with BT and they aren't doing a Ride2work scheme either, they have looked at it a few times but apparently it is too much trouble at the moment to set up.

    I contacted the R2W peeps and asked them about it and the reply said it would be problematic setting it up in such a large company, perhaps that's why Unilever won't?

    We can live in hope - although I already bought my MTB as I got fed up asking!
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  • jono_1ukjono_1uk Posts: 20
    mmmmmmm i work for network rail and they will be doing it ... with 32000 + people i would call that a "large" company .....
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    hey there,,,,this is how mine worked this year

    1) went into LBS chose bike, got a piece of paper (saturday)
    2) took said piece of paper to my hr debt (monday)
    3) piece of paper was signed (monday)
    4) bike was ready for collection and set up (thursday)
    5) rode it home (thursday)

    last year took 3 weeks as it was crappy halfords... this year was Edinburgh bikes
  • NigelSWalesNigelSWales Posts: 196
    It took my housemate 4 weeks to get the LOC and he's only just managed to get Halfords to order the bike this week, so add another 2 weeks to that :?
  • Really?!Really?! Posts: 43
    Mine took about 2 weeks from start to finish, but that was the Bike4Work scheme.

    Think it's pretty much the same, just don't have to go to Halfords!
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