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so i was in the etape caledonia yesterday,

made it around 75 miles without any problems, no punctures , no mechanicals nothing went wrong with the bike.

until mile 76 the hanger snapped of my frame, tore of from the drop outs and derailur ended up near the breaks lol and twisted the chain.

now this had been replaced in the service that i got done about 5 days before.

in the service the gears were sorted , as were the breaks as well as replacing a bent hanger.

what are the chances of it snapping within 100 miles of being replaced?



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    Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Rarely do gear hangers break of their own accord - it's usually a jammed transmission or something else which exerts force on the rear mech and leads to the problems you've encountered. Trouble is, the catastrophic damage often destroys the evidence of what went wrong in the first place. You hadn't put the bike in a case or anything that could have mis-aligned the rear mech? There wasn't a chance that the hanger fixing screws worked loose during the ride? I'd get a second opinion from another shop before confronting your LBS.
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    thanks for advice,

    i took the bike on a 15mile test run after the service and before the sportive, didnt take the rear wheel of , bearly touched it after that.

    will drop by another bike shop tomorrow and see what they say