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Hi all, I'm a newbie here and would like some opinions.

I was given a Raleigh 'Atlantic Cruiser' after being made redundant. It's in excellent condition having been
ridden about 20 miles and then stored in a shed for some years due to illness.
I've stripped it down and fitted Easton flat bars to save weight.

I do a regular 8 mile each way trip on country lanes and I've found the saddle to be somewhat
less than 'anatomic'. I'm 5'8'' tall, weigh 10 st. 4 lb. fairly slim build.I'd like to know what saddle other people
use in similar situations as there are so many hundreds to choose from.

Suppose I will need to buy a seat post to suit as the original is for a 4 rail seat. Any favorites / ones to avoid?




  • bomberesquebomberesque Posts: 1,701
    If you can handle the weight and the retro look, Brookes B17 will cup your censored and precious things for many thousands of miles and just get miore and more comfy as time goes by
    If you want lighter but without being crazy expensive, SDG Bel air is fully padded, incorporating a channel of lurve

    if you go for the SDG, shop around for a deal. you can usually find them for 50% off or so. Merlin had a deal on them last week, iirc
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