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Best bike for £500?

h4rdyh4rdy Posts: 14
edited May 2009 in Road beginners
Hi everyone,

I am a Mountain Biker with a desire for a Road Bike for getting fit and using on a Trainer.

I have a budget of £500 as I will be using my Cycle 2 Work scheme that has a limit of £500.

As this is technically my second bike (my Mountain Bike is a 2008 Kona Hei Hei) I deam this sufficient, but can anyone advise on what to get.

Below is a list, does anybody have any more suggestions. the £500 limit is strict and cannot be added too.

2009 Giant FCR 3.
2009 Giant Defy 4. (Maybe not possible I have been told only XS size available)
2009 Merida 880-24.
2009 Carrera Vanquish.

Also what about sizing? I am 5'8" Tall with a 29" inside leg my Kona Hei Hei is a 17", I fully understand that a Mountain Bike has more clearance. I called Giant and they recomended a Medium which I think is a 50cm?

At present I am leaning towards the FCR 3 but I really need some help.

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