Anyone use anti-puncture tape?

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Has anyone tried this anti-puncture tape? Does it prevent punctures?

Weldtite Superride anti-puncture tape: ... px?RID=248

Any advice on alternative anti-puncture tapes would be appreciated, thanks.
Shazam !!


  • cougie
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    My Conti GP4000s work just fine. I dont bother with tape at all.
  • bompington
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    Doesn't work very well for carpet tacks...
    (and yes, it was a brand new pair of GP4000s that got the holes in them)
  • buddha
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    I used Mr Tuffy's tape on both road and mtb bikes for the last two years. They definitey do work, and are especially good for stopping thorns and shards of glass.

    However, about a month ago (after finally getting hold of a new pair of krylion carbons) I forgot to but them back in. And haven't bothered with them since. Especially as my ride seems less sluggish without them.

    May change my mind though when the council/farmers start cutting the thorny hedges again.
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  • DomPro
    DomPro Posts: 321
    Thanks guys. I probably won't bother with it until the winter then.
    Shazam !!
  • i was goint to buy some Panaracer flataway tape which would have (possibly) protected one tyre and then i thougth i might as well just purchase 5 innertubes for tht price (vittoria ones being £4 each).
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  • antfly
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    Used them on MTB for ages and still got the odd puncture and there was a thorn already embedded in the tyre when I removed them so I got a puncture straight away so they prevented at least one puncture.I won`t be putting them back in unless I get loads of punctures as the ride is so much better without them.
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