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OK im ready to be told NO but

AdamsbodieAdamsbodie Posts: 76
edited May 2009 in MTB general
im thinking that maybe this will help me decide whether my bars are to low as im getting killer back pains on my Kona but not my 1000yr old kiddie carrier non branded MTB. ... 0287128087
The way I can see it is I increase the angle which makes me stretch forward less but at the same time gives me a bit more height possibly reducing the potential for back pain :?
Am I right or am I wrong my other train of thought was to try n buy a cheap set of forks with a longer steerer and see how it goes????
Money is tight as wife has hours cut right back at work & I cycle to try n keep costs down but some mornings I get to work fall off the bike & look like a pensioner bent double rather than a 36yr old LOL

So honestly what do you think? bearing in mind the stem should only be a short term stop gap till I find a happy compramise (spelt wrong im sure).

Thanks in advance for your advise 8)


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