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Alfine issues

amircpamircp Posts: 132
edited May 2009 in The workshop
I wonder if anyone else has minor gripes with the alfine hub. I have now run one for about 1800 miles. It has been generally fine, changes well etc. I have minor clicking in some gears but had hoped that this would go with wearing in. But if anything more gears are now affected. Also the freewheel is very noisy and takes the pedals round with it if allowed. More recently have noticed a cracking sound under pressure (not very dramatic) - once on every pedal turn - could also be pedals/BB/chain suppose.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • jeepiejeepie Posts: 495
    A few ideas:

    Make sure the nuts are tight in the rear drop out.
    Check that the non-turn washer behind the nut has not moved.
    Verify the chain line is straight.
    Spin the wheel and check it's rotating in one plane
    Ensure that the two yellow dots are aligned for the cable tension
    Possibly try to clean the gear cable
  • bomberesquebomberesque Posts: 1,701
    I've not really had any issues with mine, works pretty flawlessly so far (about 1200km in)

    The one thing I would say is theat it's SO smooth and quiet that you can't tell if you're sligthly out of gear or not so if the cable is slipping or stretching you don't know about it until the thing actually slips.

    I like mine
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