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bazbadger Posts: 553
Just a thought.

The background images uses on the site are chuffing annoying - mainly as they slow the site load down so much, but also a bit pointless as I can't read them.

I know you need ads, but wopping great big background images is not the best way...
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  • nicklouse
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    ? can you post a picture of this problem.
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  • bazbadger
    bazbadger Posts: 553
    It's not a 'problem' as such, rather a feature in the design of your site. It started with the big image for the Bikeradar weekend and has now been replaced with a garmin ad.

    For me it upsets the site useage - as apart from this the site is brilliant.

    I'm viewing the site on a 20" lcd - so real estate is not a problem, but using the background image for ad space both detracts from the look and makes pages slower to load....
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