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Creatine Monohydrate.

speedy geedsspeedy geeds Posts: 4
Hi all. Well after a few years of being a lazy layabout I`ve finally kicked myself up the butt and have just bought myself an 09 Giant XTC 2. Picked it up this morning and I love it.

In the past (going back five or six years) I used to do a fair amount of road riding, mainly for work, and racked up just under 10000 miles in eighteen months. During this time I dabbled with creatine on and off. Wow is all I can say! Within two weeks of loading up on it I found that a good 5-10 mins was knocked off my average trip to work, and recovery time was lightning quick too.

Am now going to start using it again, anyone here with any experience of using this regularly long term? Thoughts, advice and opinions appreciated.


  • Creatine is more geared towards power output and anaerobic activity than endurance. For long rides the extra weight carried through water retention negates any positives in my book. Good for sprints, not so good for endurance specific events.
  • owen_MTBowen_MTB Posts: 222
    Yeah, increases water retention, therefore increases weight. Good for weight training, i'd not recommend it for biking.
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