Where do I ride tomorrow???

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I have a nice route worked out from Ribblehead to Dent and Hawes. In this weather Boot of the Wold will be a sh1tty mess, and I might not emerge from the bogfest known as Widdale Forest. Tod and Hebden Bridge are also going to be sludgefests.

Could go to Ambleside again, or go to Grizedale keeping well clear of NFT, but those tracks are all too familiar.

I've been over Garburn twice this year so that rules out Kentmere.

I've pencilled in Grassington on Wednesday with the Fighting Cat, so that area is out of bounds.

Cross Fell will be too wild and High Street too much of a walk. Nidderdale I want to save for a good day for some exploration I've got planned.

Could go to the Peak, but all that wet grit will chew my mechanicals into swarf.

Any suggestions for a 25-30 mile round NW?
Frank Yates