South West Rides coming up

jimwin Posts: 208
For those in, or close to, the south-west, there are 3 successive weekends with seriously hard rides.

On the 6th June, there's the terrific 'Valley of the Rocks' from Honiton which goes over Exmoor to the stunning VotR and then along the ups and downs of the Exmoor coastline with the sea right below. Awesome.

On the 14th June, there are 3 great rides from Launceston with the 2 Moors Challenge going over both Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor. Again, terrific scenery and great climbs.

Finally, and yet further towards Lands End, there's the Athelstan's Round ride from St. Austell.

They're all around 1000m climbing per 50K so bound to test out how fit you are this summer.

Look on the audax calendar for details and enter :)

Have fun,

- JimW