Slovakia - Anyone Been MTBing There

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Hey, well I've booked a holiday to Jasna Slovakia end of July/beginning of August 9 days with as much guiding as we want :) Just wondered if anyone had been biking there in the summer months!
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  • Chaz.Harding
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    Nope. Never been biking down there!

    But I am, however, quite jealous!!
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  • lynseyf
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    Never been MTB there but was skiing there a few years ago and the MTB looked fun.
  • Mickey Eye
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    No idea but their Eurovision song was pretty bad.
  • MissBint37
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    Just a little update, just got home from my trip to Slovakia.....WOW is all I can say.
    Sooooo much open space brilliant for XC riding of all levels, so much to choose from.
    Also some great DH (with lifts/gondola hard work pushing :D) at Jasna and Rezembrok. Jasna is piste only becasue its a national park but the runs at Rezembrok go through the forest too....nice!

    Biiiiig shoult out to Clare and Dan at Chalet Slovakia ( where I stayed, you guys were amazing so accommodating and Dan the guiding you gave me on the XC was brilliant.....and you deserve a medal for putting up with me being terrified on my first DH run! I would reccomend it a million times over!

    I was so surprised at a good way....was not at all like I imagned of the old eastern block (going on experience from past travels) seems really clean, modern and dare I say it 'normal' as well as cheap beers

    TRY IT :)
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  • I thought Slovakia had effectively banned MTB, or was that just misleading media reports? maybe it's permitted on proper tracks, but not random singletrack?

    Slovakia is on my list still - either for skiing or MTBing. First rule of going to a country further East than Germany or Austria is don't go there with the preconceptions of Eastern Block, unless you want to be surprised how unfriendly and backwards the UK is.
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  • MissBint37
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    I been to Russia and the Ukaine and I loved it there too although Slovakia seems reasurringly more modern.
    I plan to go back there this winter for a weeks snowboarding too :)

    We went anywhere and everywhere on our bikes, there is soooo much singletrack all through the tatras we didn't scratch the surface, no laws, you can ride anywhere. The only exception are areas of national park, but in the area around us that was only Jasna everywhere else was go anywhere, do anything territory! go....have fun!
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