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I almost got my hands on a very reduced Boreas frame, size 56. The e-tailer does not have it any more and is now suggesting a size 54 bike. I'm 1m78 (5'8 I think....), and my in-seam is 83cm.
Will I be uncomfortable on a 54cm bike or can I adjust heights and lengths by playing with stem size, seat post height, etc?


  • Mister W
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    Sizes of frame vary between manufacturers. For example, I ride a 46 Argon 18 which is almost identical in size to my GF's 50 Bianchi. Having said that, if you're 5'8" then a 54 is almost certainly too big.

    I've just had a look at the Boreas web site and they don't list a 56 or a 54. They use the odd numbers and unless you have a very long torso I would think a 51 would be about the right size for you.

    Check your sizing using this website - ... ATOR_INTRO