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Reducing my tyre size

FyPunKFyPunK Posts: 160
edited May 2009 in The workshop
I will soon be ordering a new set of tyres, my current size is 700cx37, these sit in some Alex19 rims (came with the bike) I would like if poss to use the 700cx32 tyre, is this generally recommended? I have searched the Alex website etc and could not really find any info.
The inside rim is 17mm if this helps Cycling Manchester to Blackpool. Look out for number 1691


  • richara3richara3 Posts: 153
    I dont know but my tricross sport has ( I think ) the same rims and came fitted with 700x32 rubber. Ive gone down to 700x25 without issue. I will go to 700x23 next time.

  • FyPunKFyPunK Posts: 160
    Thanks richara3
    I have scouted and sniffed around the tinternet, for future reference here is a table which may answer the question again..
    tyre.jpg Cycling Manchester to Blackpool. Look out for number 1691
  • SnudgeSnudge Posts: 40
    That looks Sheldonian to me. :wink: q.v. for all (well most) cycling queries.
  • FyPunKFyPunK Posts: 160
    You are 100% correct snudge, I pulled it off another forum but its origin looks like sheldonbrown from George Boeger. So now thats got me thinking about what to put on, I was thinking of the sports contact but now have the option of the Ultra Gator skin as well. Cycling Manchester to Blackpool. Look out for number 1691
  • SnudgeSnudge Posts: 40
    You mentioned the "G" word! I've just had a bad experience with a Gator - q.v. ... highlight=. May have been unlucky/stupid with it though. I think, depending on where/how you cycle, you can't beat the Schalbe New Marathon for value/strength combination. 700cX28 would seem to fit and should be comfy and puncture-resistant for most conditions. Gators would be faster but not as strong.
  • FyPunKFyPunK Posts: 160
    I have used the city contact for some years and been either lucky or very satisfied with them, a mate has been running the sports now for a few months and he really likes them, my winter tyre this year has been the Contact, been really good but now I am putting more milage in I wanted a faster tyre. At the moment I leaning towards the sports contact. Thanks for your help. Cycling Manchester to Blackpool. Look out for number 1691
  • EDXEDX Posts: 3
    I'm thinking of fitting a 40 mm. tyre on my 25 mm. rims but the chart
    says 'no'. What would happen if I went and done it anyway?

  • bomberesquebomberesque Posts: 1,701
    doubt it'll be a problem Eddie

    that is very much a guide. In extreme cases the tyre will feel quite rolly ... sideways, which can be alarming when cornering but you're only one size outside the receommendations, I'm pretty sure you'll be just fine

    That said, I use 34mm tyres for commuting and wouldn't really go with anything bigger, they are lovely and comfy (even over flemish cobbles) fit inside mudguards nicely and don't lose too much in flex
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