New bike advice.... PLEASE!!!

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I've got the chance of getting an very inexpensive Barracuda Azzurri road bike but I don't like the Shimano Tourney gears on it. Could you advise me on what I could replace them with and what the job would entail if I were to do it myself. What do you think the cost would be, ballpark. A particular model of gear would be good to know.
I've lost about 3st., so I need to get the last bit off through exercise.
Thanks for your time.


  • Gazzaputt
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    Shimano Sora could be a good upgrade.

    You'd be looking at a full group change. Shifters, brakes, rear & front mechs and crankset.

    If your competent spannering on bikes with a little time and patience you could do this. Park Tools website is full of info and guides and of course YouTube.
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    What sort of budget are you looking at? Shimano 105 groupset can be had for relatively little money, about £400ish...
    That would be a fantastic upgrade...
    Or Tiagra for £290...
    Good luck with the riding and enjoy it...
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