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New tire problem.

TheModConTheModCon Posts: 8
edited May 2009 in Road beginners
I got a new tire the other day, put it on the wheel all fine, but when I try to pump it up it pops off the rim. I've gone down from a 26 to 23 so have I just bought one too small or is there another problem?



  • White LineWhite Line Posts: 887
    What tyre did you buy? What rims to you have?

    It could be that the tyre is too narrow for the rim. :?

    Either that or you're trying to put a 700c tyre on 26" rim. :lol: (But this is in the road forum, so ...).
  • sicknotesicknote Posts: 901
    I had the same problem with some Vittoria zaffiro tyres I got but as long as I did not put more than about 100psi in them it was ok.
    Funny thing is that this happened more on the back than the front.

    Do have to say that they where real easy getting on, unlike the Continental Ultra Sport Tyres that a friend gave me.
    Lot more of a pain getting on and have put in about 110psi with no problems.
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