Planet X SL Pro Carbon Ultegra Build

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I see a lot of comments around that there are no reviews of the Planet X's a shame cos they sell great bikes at bargain prices. I recently purchased a Pro carbon Ultegra build road bike from them and it is just stunning. It rides like a dream. I commute around 5K miles a year and have been doing this on a Trek 1000 sl, which I am going to reserve now for just winter commuting and use the Planet X bike for summer duties.

The bike itself is light, stiff in the right places and offers a very comfortable ride, it's a lot better than the trek bike even when the trek has fat gel winter tyres on. The only thing I'd probably change is the cassette as it doesn't give me the range I'm used to on the Trek with a triple. I am considering the new SRAM PG1070 11-26, if it'll fit.

I was also considering a cannondale synapse carbon 105 compact 2009 which retails for around 1600 - it was after trying this that I was sold on a carbon bike. It was a lovely ride but no better than the Planet X and with a lower end groupset - tho the aero setapost is nice.

The planet x service was excellent. Craig Nasty helped with choosing the right size and when I enquired as to how my build was going he sent me a picture of my bike! If it hadn't been for the bank holiday weekend I would have had my bike in four days from order, as it was it still only took seven.

I've never bought a bike mail order before and so was a bit nervous but with no real cause and when the bike arrived (in a huge box) I was like a little kid again at christmas :D

Setting the bike up and putting some pedals on was no more trouble than if I had bought from a shop.

All in all planet x and their bikes are just great and I would highly recommend them to anyone.



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    I would agree with all your comments! Great bike, as comfy as my steel audax bike but much livelier and faster. I fitted a SRAM 11-28 cassette, it works fine.
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    +1 I was lucky enough to get one of the cheap DuraAce/FSA builds over xmas. Fantastic bike, especially as I did the putting together. It hasn't fallen apart yet ;) Pretty lightweight at 7.5kg w/o pedals and goes uphill like a dream. Very happy.
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    Thanks for the info re cassette alfablue - do you have the short cage rd on your bike? did you need to put any extra links in your chain or did the cassette just work with no additional mods?
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    It fitted and worked fine, I did fit a new chain though. I have the short DA cage.
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    Another plus for Planet X stuff. I've got a Ti Pro Road, it's great. In this case there IS a very good review of it on their site. If you're in the market for a good "value for money" Ti bike, take a serious look
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    Just wanted to add to the Planet-X praise. I ordered an SLPro and finishing kit from them at lunchtime alst friday, asking for a headset to be fitted and the steerer column to be cut down to length.
    It arrived first thing Monday morning. And the van driver asked if the boxes were empty as they felt 'too light'.
    Haven't had a chance to do much more than look inside the boxes but if it gives as many bangs for the buck as the kaffenback I bought jlast autumn then I'll be very well pleased.