Can i use this to pump up tyres?

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ok so being a little skint and cant afford track pump til insurance pay out on my stolen bike wanted to ask question regarding pumping tyres

I have a car foot pump thing from halfords with a gauge on, and from a pump i have an adapter for presta valves. can i put the adapter on the foot pump to pump up my tyres??

its a little metal part that just slots into the pump

dont want to keep riding bike without correct pressure, dont want a visit from the fairy



  • nwallace
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    A mate used one of them for years, he is a bit light and had to add weights to his pockets to get to 100psi.

    I got to 120 withgout a problem, but I am about 7 stone heavier than him.
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  • whyamihere
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    They're only really designed to go to 30ish psi. If it's a decent one, it will be fine up to road bike pressures, but you may end up blowing the seals on a cheap one.
  • andy83
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    cheers for that

    it is quite a cheap one but if it blows ill just replace it when i can

    its only a quick fix til i get a decent track pump

    hopefully should keep them to a good pressure

    am i likely to damage the tube or tyres or is it mainly the pump that will die before

    what is the best psi to have the road tyres at, im about 16 stone if that makes any difference
  • whyamihere
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    Won't damage the tyres/tubes, air is air wherever it comes from.

    100psi is a decent starting point, then adjust as you see fit.