It had to happen

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I got knocked over... by a fellow cyclist no less. If you saw two cyclist sprawled over the south-side of Blackfriars Bridge earlier this evening; one of them was me. The other cyclist looked like he was having a clipless moment at the traffic lights. It was one of those moments; you can just see yourself crashing, but you cannot do anything to avoid it.

Well, he toppled onto me. Very sore now. Left thigh took the brunt of the fall. So did my shift levers. Now even more miffed because I cannot seem to find replacement Shimano ST-R220 shifters. Double blow.

Oh well, good enough reason to go out and buy a new bike! (or another reason for DW to argue I should stay off the road, depending on your POV).


  • tardington
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    Oh good god this HAS to be someone from SCR. It just has to!

    (I hope you find new shifters btw)
  • navt
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    Absolutely not! :lol:
  • tardington
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    Were they all dressed in pink? That said haven't heard from itboffin today.... Hmmm HMMMM!

    Or DDD? Some sort of vigilante thing?
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    I do not fall on people I whizzzz past claiming scalps left right and centre as I go, i'd check the whereabouts of our resident toppler.
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    Three weeks! That's how long the doctor reckons it will take for my muscle to fully recover. Damn. That puts paid to my training schedule for the upcoming Chiltern 100.
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    Just carry on riding - I was back on the bike next day (well immediately after the accident) after a car ran into me side on at 30 mph. Shame the shoulder is still screwed after 5 months. :shock:

    Did you get the rider's details - should p[ay for shifters.